Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Pterosaur skeletal sculptures

Bruce Mohn is a comparative anatomist, palaeontologist and Palaeo-Sculptor with a specialism in mesozoic vertebrates. He has recently completed skeletal models of pterodactylus and rhamphorhynchus for the Carnegie Museum and the quality of his work is outstanding.
The model components are crafted from observations of fossil material and investigative techniques to give a realistic life-like shape to each individual component of the skeleton. The assembly of the individual components uses wired supports to give an accurate representation of the complete skeletal structure of the animal. This technique allows the skeleton to be wired into any orientation or possition that was possible in life.
If you are able to visit the Carneige Museum, it is worth finding these skeletal models to view the 3D structure of these pterosaurs, which cannot be fully appreciated from diagrams.

Bruce is able to make bones or skeletons to order - this is fine bespoke craftsmanship of the best museum quality. His work can be seen at - Bruce Mohn sculptures at Dinoart

Bruce Mohn

Carnegie Museums