Friday, 2 March 2012

On-line Data

For quite some time, The Pterosaur Database has been held on Microsoft Access files.  This format can be used on-line as a searchable database, and now we have produced the code to do this for the bibliography.  The pilot is accessed from the bibliography drop down menu as On-line Search Tool.

The first search page will accept a general search string for the whole database.  This will return any instance of the string in any field.  Searching for Kellner as an author will at present return 86 records.

The detail is visible when you click on the end of line link.  This will show the whole database entry for that particular record.  The bibliography database is a flat file (only one database) so the return is standard throughout.

For a more specific search, you can click on Extended from  the main search page.  This will enable a search of individual data fields.

This is a trial run at the moment, to identify the functionality of the database on line.  There will be flaws in the system that will require improvement.  If this data set runs well, the specimens data set will be the next step.  That may be updatable with user password control, but at present, the only user update system is by E-mail from the home page.

Constructive comments welcome please.