Monday, 29 August 2011


There are lots of pterosaur toys on the market.  Many of them are quite good, but there are a vast number of toys that are badly designed with respect to accuracy.
This model, from China, is of a mythical bat winged pterosaur with a strange head.  As a toy it works well and it is fun to slot the bits together to assemble the final model.
A much more realistic model comes from Germany.  Here a plastic Anhanguera has an appropriate stance and a good head reconstruction, based on prehistoric art work.
There are lots of slot together gliders made from polystyrene foam or similar soft plastics.  This mini pteranodon was produced for the Natural History Museum, London.  There are many more types available and thay all seem to fly quite well, being softand light enough to be relatively safe to use in confined spaces
Occasionally there is a different toy, like this jigsaw for younger children.  With 20 pieces and a simple picture it is quite easy to assemble in its own wooden base frame.
There are also a multitude of snap together models of skeletons like this pteranodon in a jar kit.  I have also seen glow in the dark skeleton models and Woodcraft do a self assembly fret saw wooden kit which is like a 3D jigsaw.
Add to this the rings, pendants, tee shirts and colouring books and the pterosaurs are well covered by the toy market.  Here are a few links: