Monday, 20 April 2015

Web server issues

The Pterosaur Database has experienced a server file loss on the morning of the 19th April 2015.  The cause was an internal problem. About half of the files have been restored and the site is working in part.  It is hoped that all function will be restored in the next two days.  Alas, there is no backup server for this "free to use" site.

2 days on:  The server content has been restored to last months state, with recent files being updated manually.  I hope I have restored all of the files that were absent, but there may be issues with some missed updates.  It is unlikely that this technical failure will be repeated. I took the option of a server side recovery as a total reload would have used up vast amounts of upload time  (15 minutes as opposed to 26 hours).  All seems well so far.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

The bare bones

Anna Chekovsky has requested permission to translate some of the pages of this blog into French at .  Initially there was an issue with copyright of images and permissions had to be sought.  In the process, this put me back in touch with Bruce Mohn, the well renowned skeletal reproduction sculptor.  His portfolio of work has expanded considerably since 2009 and I am very impressed by the superb quality of his models.
 His model of Pterodactylus Antiquus represents a skeleton based on several good specimens of this, the first known pterosaur species, giving it a very modern stance based on current research.
Equally, the model of Rhamphorhynchus muensteri is a classic reproduction sculpture of the famous Solnhofen Slate pterosaur skeleton.
I am now starting to develop pages based on people who are able to offer such items as would grace any museum of repute.  The reproduction pages are hopefully going to develop as time progresses.