Sunday, 5 August 2012

Searching on-line Part Two

The Pterosaur Database is now on-line in a limited form.  The listing of museums with pterosaur specimens and the listing of collection material has been put on-line in a test format.  The data still needs some adjustment, but it is available for the first time for everyone to search.
The first search up is the specimen search, where you can enter the name of a species or genus and see what comes up.  The data search gives basic information like description, museum and catalogue number as well as a few notes in some cases.

It is also possible to search by specimen type and by Museum.  The museum search is in two phases - firstly the general information search by country, key name words and town/city.  A second search page gives a choice of matches, and a selection of the record number presents a specimen list, as shown below;

First page requiring general information.
Second page giving a choice of matches.
Third page showing the museum list of specimens, postal address, contact telephone number and website where available.

There are several museums with pterosaur material that are represented by only type and figured specimens.  Some museums that hold pterosaur material have not been visited and are therefore not included here.

This database is a read only system to protect the data at source. However, a parallel database has been set up into which new specimens can be added.  When the input has been verified, the entries will be included in the main database.  Corrections can also be entered here by adding the correct entry and describing the alteration in the Notes field.

Any comments on the functionality of the on-line system will be appreciated in order to adapt it to the needs of users.