Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Bibliography on-line

For a few weeks, the current bibliography of The Pterosaur Database has been tested on-line.  It is now up and running in its current form, enabling the listing and printing of publications from a database file.
The records are extracted from a SQL database by a simple request program which was written specifically for this purpose.
Just enter an authors surname, part of a title or a date and see what comes up on  the list.
Searching for 'Bennett' brings up 47 publications from a current file set of 1438 records.

The data on this database cannot be amended or added to as it is a static file.  However, we are running a parallel database which can be interrogated and added to.  The data will be verified at intervals and where appropriate, transferred to the main database.  This will prevent corruption of the master database whilst allowing people to add new papers and texts for inclusion.
Feel free to comment on the functionality of the database.