Monday, 4 March 2013

On-Line Museum Lists

This week I finally got around to writing the software for the museum collections listings.  The pages will generate a list of all specimens held on The Pterosaur Database for museums selected, to give a workable listing.  The non UK museums may be type and figured specimens only in some cases, until the lists are updated.
To search for museum specimens on-line, the user will be asked for the country name.  This should be entered in English wherever possible.
On select, the list of museum names on the database will be presented for that country.  If there is a null return, the country has no holdings that are recorded.  Simply choose the number against the museum and enter it into the box at the end of the listing.  Pressing select will generate a list of all specimens recorded on The Pterosaur Database against that museum.
For some collections, the list may be quite long.  In the case shown, there are 104 specimens listed.
The old museum listings are still available, but they will no longer be updated.  Like all of the searches on The Pterosaur Database, the data displayed is ephemoral.  It can be printed or copied and pasted, but it cannot be saved to disc.
If anyone wishes to include data that is not held, then it can be sent by E-mail or added to the speciens pages for inclusion.