Monday, 7 May 2012

Still having server problems

Today all of the web database failed.  There is an issue with the server at 1and1 Internet - the host for the Pterosaur Database.  The support desk is powerless to do anything, but if I leave a message on the 1and1 facebook page, I get a lucid response.  Perhaps this is the way forward.

1and1 have been an excellent host for many years, but my recent experiences are unusually exceptional.  This issue first started in January this year and we are now into May and I have had no contact from the people who control the web servers.  This is not helping the reputation of a once excellent company.

It may be the case that like all big and successful companies, the infrastructure becomes overloaded as costs are cut.  As soon as we are able, the database pages will be re-instated.

Should this problem persist much longer Then a new host company may be the only solution to the problem.

Footnote: within a couple of hours of posting on the 1and1 facebook page, the databases were restored and running.  There are still issues with uploading data, but at least the uploaded data is now accessible again.

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