Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Pterosaur Tee Shirts

Today I chanced upon a young man and his mother.  The lad was sporting a rather fine Tee Shirt with a pterosaur design.  This immediately raised my awareness of the option to look at which pterosaur Tee shirts are available.

This particular example was produced by Mini Boden and after some investigation, it was found to be a limited production which is no longer available.

There are lots of pterosaur Tee Shirts on the market and a quick search on Google found hundreds of examples, mostly with cartoon representations or interesting mottos.  These 3 caught my eye as being more to my own taste in Tee Shirts;

zazzle.co.uk - rhamphorhynchus tee shirt

Redbubble.com - I love pterodactyls Tee Shirt

Cafepress - pterodactyl tee shirts

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