Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Updating the Pterosaur Database

As a rule, the pterosaur database is updated on a monthly basis.  It has been quite some time since an update has been made as I have been involved in the UK National Census and have had little time to think about pterosaurs in the last 14 weeks.

A few new and varied pterosaur pages have been added or updated on the site.  Over the past 3 years a vast amount of pterosaur information and new finds have come to light.  When this type of thing happens, there is usually a following wind that merges new species into the existing framework.  I suspect that future updates will not be long coming.

To enhance the presentation pages, a number of embedded videos have been included.  The copyright and links to these web video clips is held by the originators and it is the first time that embedded content has been included on these pterosaur web pages.



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